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It resembles you’re new here. If you intend to get entailed, click one of these switches! I was asking yourself If anybody recognized any very easy method to elevate my 2000 xc70. Not alot of lift simply enough to deal with a little off-road. I have actually owned a 91 740 Volvo and a 96 960. I now am the second proprietor of a 2001 V70 XC with around 54k miles. I am attempting to do the best thing as well as bring the auto in for regular maintenance checks (3k) and also oil changes at Boston Volvo. Last time it was about $700 for Birthing troubles on the front left wheel. This moment the auto mechanic wants $500 for Wheel Bearings on the right front, $355 for Upper Strut Installs and $600 Front Control Arm Bushings. I understand they remain in the business of offering their solution but an automobile with 54k miles should not require 2k a year in preventative maintenance, whether I stay in New England or otherwise.

Can anyone discuss what they believe an automobiles preventative maintenance, taking care of points like bushings as well as suspension and also all that crap when absolutely nothing appears wrong when driving should set you back a year? Any kind of aid would be significantly appreciated. New to this site and also chatting about my automobile, was usage to driving 10 yr old volvos with 100k miles that required 500 bucks a year and also a couple oil modifications. Trying to be an adult right here however this is ludicrous imho. I possess a V70 XC 2003 design Volvo. Present odo meter 87 000 kilometres. I bought it pre owned last year (2005 ). I have actually constantly really felt the roadway holding of the automobile not to be as it ought to as I always had to steer the lorry even if the roadway condition was good. It really felt as though the auto itself was creating deviations which I had to continually deal with. Just recently I found that if I was traveling on a level road at continuous speed as well as I dispirited the accelerator suddenly, the cars and truck would certainly drift of to the right and also I had to respond to by turning the guiding left, if i raised my foot from the accelerator pedal the reverse would certainly occur.

Volvo XC70 Suspension Steering Problems Car Forums At really felt

I after that found that while I am speeding up as well as the automatic transmission would certainly go through the gears the difference in torque would trigger a different steering angle. This activity is usually minor in unloaded conditions but became worse throughout crammed conditions. I have actually inspected tire conditions and have had the back shock absorbers replaced. The Volvo workshop does not appear to be able to discover this fault. Would certainly anyone have the ability to recommend a source of the issue? In the V70, the volvo’s engine is established cross-wise in the front of the auto, it rotates 2 half-shafts managing velocity via the front wheels. This causes an all-natural occurrance of torque-steer, drawing more towards one direction or the various other. It is not highly noticible, however can be a lot more apparent if placement or suspension issues exist. However, you would certainly see evidence of the latter with a quick look at the tire wear.

I’m not exactly sure how volvo’s 4wd operate in the CX though, neither which instructions the engine is packed. I’ve been well recommended from independent volvo auto mechanics (previous volvo master technologies that left volvo for different factors) to never buy a volvo made use of after 2000; far inferior items and specs, as well as all maintenance must be done through pricey diagnostics which commonly misdiagnoses problems with your automobile (for a plain $85 simply to attach the blasted computer). Today’s volvos are unworthy the cash: they require to go back to the day when volvo generated a high quality item that didn’t try to compete with the deluxe automobiles departments. Don’t fret however, I obtained suckered with a 2001 v70 2.4 T lemon “certified utilized” that broke down a year out amounting to over $4000.00 in substitutes that never taken care of a darn point. I was waiting to see if I got a lot more comments before responding.

Volvo XC70 Suspension Steering Problems Car Forums At preventative maintenance

As far as I understand the XC 70 approximately 2004 has a thick coupling in between the front as well as back wheel drives. The drive control system normally sends 90% of the power to the front wheels as well as 10% to the rear. When the system detects a slip on a wheel it would immediately direct even more power to other wheels. This specific layout is very conscious the dimension of the tires as well as I have been alerted that more endure a front set vs the back collection, or vice versa, would certainly trigger this viscous coupling to warmth and also eventually damage it. I think that the engine result would possibly arrive at one single differential from where it would be guided to the front as well as back to two further differentials. The back differential would be receive its power via this thick combining. I am questioning whether a used universal joint on a wheel might result in this steering issue. I have kept in mind that my XC70 2002 has not much torque guide, perhaps because the automobile itself is extremely heavy as well as the engine seems rather restricted.

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